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The LessonsSmart solution provides a complete suite of capabilities and features including content development and resource implementation strategies. All reside on an advanced, easy-to-use, and cost-effective digital platform.

More than an LMS.
LessonSmart's turnkey content, implementation, and technology create seamless solutions for serious results.


LessonSmart provides a single source for content, implementation and technology.

Content Support

Content Production and Curation

Our experienced media production team can create custom learning modules for your application or guide you through our vast and constantly upgraded library of 5000+ subjects created for a wide variety of industries and current topics.

Brand customization is also an option with your logo and brand language seamlessly incorporated throughout your platform.

Implementation Support
Creative strategies for program implementation and utilization.

Having relevant content on an easy-to-use technology platform is only part of the solution.  Marketing learning to the target audience and motivating utilization is essential in order to realize an acceptable ROI for your program.  LessonSmart works with your team to launch and encourage usage for your learning programs.

Technology Advantages
LessonSmart's advanced and feature-rich platform provides comprehensive options for learners AND administrators.

In today's overwhelming sea of LMS options, LessonSmart's platform provides unique levels of capability, versatility, and ease of use rarely encountered.  Each feature and service has been developed to respect learners' and administrators' time and to increase convenience and ease of use.

Red and Orange Gradient

Comprehensive and customizable solutions for team development via online learning. 

The LessonSmart LMS provides a complete suite of capabilities and features including content development and implementation strategies -- all on an easy-to-use and cost effective platform.


Create multiple fully customized and branded tenant infrastructures within your LMS. Our Multi Tenant feature allows you to have multiple clients, vendors or partners within your e-Learning platform with different themes, separate branding and rules.


Motivate learning behaviour and Increase learner engagement by creating fun, competitive eLearning atmosphere with rewards, games, points and badges where online learning thrives.

Performance Management

Improve performance, productivity and employee retention with fully integrated LMS performance management. Do appraisals, Competency based learning, 360-degree reviews, performance reviews and Individual Development Plans (IDP).


Company Intranet, Portal even your website all integrated with the LMS. The LessonSmart Cloud LMS provides an friendly and engaging learning portal for employees, partners and customers.

Social Learning

Enhance formal and informal learning programs with Social learning and collaboration tools. Our Social Learning LMS features include: - Knowledge sharing through document repositories, blogs, wikis, social networking and discussion forums. - Learner-generated content via learning program ratings and comments. - Chat rooms and video channels.

Course Library

5000+ on demand online employee training videos covering every business training topic, including communication skills, leadership and management, sales and customer service,compliance training, anti harassment and more. All the available training courses are SCORM & AICC compliant.

Blended Learning

Manage Blended Learning through an LMS. The LessonSmart LMS delivers effective blended learning that focuses primarily on the process of learning.

Video Conferencing

Easily Integrate the LessonSmart Cloud LMS with video conferencing platforms such as GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, WebEx, Big Blue Button, Google Hangouts and more. You can manage remote classes, webinars or even online company events right from the LessonSmart Cloud LMS.

Interactive Content

Harness the power of videos & images and make your message memorable. You can also display documents, web pages, YouTube & livestream videos. Browse our free stock image and video galleries.

Mobile Learning

Access learning anytime, anywhere on any device. Full access to all the LMS features on mobile devices. Learners, educators and clients can easily access their training from tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices.

User Interface

LessonSmart's Blended learning brings together the best of both classroom learning and elearning. Our LMS combines the support of classroom learning with the flexibility of online education. Blended Learning uses our Learning Management System to teach and support learning in a classroom

Scorm Conversion

PConvert your existing PowerPoints into interactive e-learning
PowerPoint not enough for your eLearning needs, you need to convert those PowerPoints into SCORM. to make them digestible for authoring tools or an LMS.

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